Civil Rights Act Essay

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Between 1945 and 1975 various groups in the U.S. engaged in protest. Analyze the reasons that protest emerged in this period for
TWO of these groups
African Americans
Double V, limits on GI Bill 8891­ removes armed service segregation 1947 1954­ brown vs board of edu. reemergence of Ku Klux Klan and White Citizens Councils Montgomery Bus Boycotts, Rosa Parks MLK­Southern Christian st Little rock­ 101 airborne 1957­ civil rights act 1960­Greensboro, N. C.; segregated lunch counters; sit­ins Student Non­Violent Coordinating Committee organized 1963­March on Washington, MLK’s “I have a Dream Speech” 1964 Civil Rights Act 1965­Voting Rights Act of 1965; Twenty­fourth Amendment (banned poll tax) 1966­Black Panthers: militant group 1968­MLK, Jr. assassinated; led to rioting in 60 cities; conservative backlash

College Students
1940­1950: Increase in college enrollments from GI Bill,
National Defense Education Act 1950s­James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause 1960­Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Port Huron Statement, Tom Hayden 1963­Princeton Spring Riot Anti­Vietnam War Movement Mario Savio and Free Speech Movement at University of California, Berkeley Passage of Civil Rights Bill, Voting Rights Act shifts the focus of student protest toward antiwar movement First teach­in, University of Michigan Escalating protests (anti­ROTC; burning draft cards) 1967­March on Pentagon 1968­Chicago Riots; Chicago 7 Trial 1969­“Days of Rage” in Chicago 1971­Twenty­sixth Amendment grants 18­year­olds the right to vote 1973­Cease­fire in Vietnam End of draft Last troops officially in Vietnam

Latino Americans
Second World War events: bracero; Zoot Suit Riots; barrio culture 1948­“Operation Bootstrap” led to rise in Puerto Rican migration 1954­Hernandez v. Texas: Mexican Americans have Fourteenth Amendment rights; Eisenhower's “Operation Wetback”
Discrimination, low wages, harsh working, conditions for
Chicano workers United Farm Workers (UFW) grape boycott­1965 1968­Formation of Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund Crusade for Justice: Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzáles (Chicano Pride)