Human Sexual Behavior and Sexual Education Questionnaire Essay

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Sexual education questionnaire

1. Are you waiting for marriage to have sex?
2. Do you know what the most widespread sexually transmitted disease is?
3. Would you feel awkward having sex before marriage?
6. If you had a sexually transmitted disease, you would be more likely than not to know about it. True or false?
7. Out of the eight most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases, how many diseases does the condom provide universal protection against?
8. How many women die in Britain of cervical cancer every day?
9. When used correctly, how effective is natural family planning?
10. According to one survey, on average how many sexual references, innuendos and images will the average 18 year old have seen by the time he finishes school?
11. If your boy/girlfriend said that they wanted to wait until marriage to have sex would you feel embarrassed or honoured?
12. What percentage of cervical cancer is caused by HPV?
13. The oral contraceptive pill has been shown to cause an increased risk in breast cancer. True or false?
14. Induced abortions can leave psychological problems. True or false?
15. When a man is married as a virgin, how much lower is his divorce rate than a non-virgin?
16. Birth control pills meddle with a woman's immune system, making her more likely to contract certain STDs. True or false?
17. Virgins cannot get STDs. True or false?
18. The younger a woman becomes sexually active, the more likely she will experience out of wedlock…