Human: Sociology and Social Component Essay examples

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September 2, 2014

The psychological dimensions of an individual affect how that person gets along with others around them. A person's psychological state influences how a person can behave within society and how they look at their environment. The social component of a person affects how that person acts together with other people in their environment. These traits work together to determine who a person is and who they will become.

Psychological dimension is not yet known. The precise factors that cause disordered personality are nature and nurturing; they play key roles in human development. They're numerous attempts to create available research into more consistent clarification that may explain personality disorder. Describing factors that combine to produce personality disorder is the possibly yield solutions for the treatment. Each theory differs in weight or importance it by genetic, psychological, and social factors. They do recognize a vital inter-relationship between nature and nurturing.

The psychological state their environment can have a negative or positive reaction on their mental state. For example, an environment that contains violence and cruelty results in a person reacting the same way, or they could choose to withdraw from society completely forcing a total and complete mental shutdown. On the other hand in and environment where people take care of each other and show genuine concern for the person in this case could learn to relax and be at ease. This type of thinking would suggest that it's okay to let your guard down, venture out and socialize with people around you, this will lead to the

development of healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Social component because human action dominates the group that manages the social component in this study are done to see how people interact with each other. The people that are in charge have the power and to control the outcome. It's a system forced onto people to make them adapt to the system be forced upon them. This system can produce two types of people 1). A person who has been broken stripped of their belief can easily adapt to the new social component. 2). the other types are people that refuse to give in and become resilient and resourceful.

Cultural competence throughout human history has made a big impact on human life and how people get along. Cultural competence means the ability to get along with others of a different culture. Nonprofit organizations, human services, and government agencies were with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Four components of cultural competent are 1) information of different traditional worldviews and practices, 2) cross-cultural skills, 3) attitude towards ethnic differences, and 4) mindfulness of one's cultural worldview. Evolving cultural competent outcomes is the capability to understand, effectively interact, and communicate with people of different backgrounds. Cultural incompetence and competence has had many influences on the world such as slavery of blacks carried out by white people, the Holocaust (Germans mistreatment of the Jews) and so on. Recent events that have rattled the country

is the killing of unarmed black men, at the hands of the white policeman, whose job is to up-hold the law.