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Human trafficking
Who says slavery was in the past? Actually there are more people being enslaved now than before. Human trafficking is the greatest human rights challenge in our time. Human trafficking is when people are transported, by force or deception, to become slaves. Human trafficking has many shapes and forms such as forced labor, prostitution, begging, and child soldiers. There are approximately 40 million people who live now in human trafficking, 27 million are adults and 13 million are children. Us as human beings should be the first ones to raise our voices and let the higher authority know that we don’t want to live in a world with such cruelty.

Many slaves are being forced into labor such as working in factories, mines, farms, and private homes. They’re being forced to work with no salary, under violence, and are not able to walk away in there own terms. The traffickers who lure weak people that have nothing with false promises of good jobs and education tricked most of the slaves. Slavery is illegal everywhere, but it happens nearly everywhere.

Children as young as 7 and 8 years old are being forced into being soldiers and are being recruited to participate in live combat. There are 300,000 children that are involved in armed conflicts worldwide. It’s sickening that their dreams in becoming doctors and lawyers are relinquished in such a young age by being abducted and forced into slavery. They’re given guns and are involved in live combat in such a young age that it traumatizes and scars them for the rest of their lives and its hard to go forward from there even though they get rescued.

The most common type of human trafficking is prostitution, its almost 80% of trafficking. It plays a major role in the spread