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Human Trafficking is known as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer and harboring by threat or use of kidnapping. It is the giving or receiving of unlawful payment or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for sexual exploitation or forced labor “. Human trafficking is most common in foreign countries but the U.S has victims also. Trafficking is one of the most known problems worldwide, what is happening is family, friends and love ones are being abducted against their own will. Some say slaver and slave trade was the initially the first form of human trafficking. It is now most commonly known for the purpose of sexual slavery. Human trafficking is the worse form of labor exploitation, there rights are violated. There are many stories on issue. One in particular that caught my eye was a movie called “human Trafficking” In this documentary your introduced to 3 difference situations in which there are numerous common ways one can be subjected to trafficking . In the movie we meet a women from Russia in her mid-20’s who meets a man in a bar, they intentionally hit it off and been on 1 or 2 dates together, soon after when the man get comfortable with Ivan a he tells her to meet her in local area with her passport and all her information because he had a trip planned for them. After traveling to meet this man, she soon meets up with him and sensed something a little off but didn’t say anything; he then took her to this mansion she really believed was a part of their big get away trip. When they walked in she was first fascinated. As she walked up the stairs with the man she realized they weren’t alone, there were 5 men in a room. The man she had been with walked to one of the gentlemen handed him her passport and all other information. The man gave him money for delivering the girl; He then turned his back on Ivana and never looked back again. Ivana then and there knew what was happening; she realized these men were doing she panicked, kicked and screaming begging they let her go. She was raped then and there.
During the process of Trafficking the lives of innocence are taken. All there identity is destroyed or held hostage. Most times people are trafficked by those they would least expect to put them under those circumstance. People get to know you then take advantage of your trusting, they take advantage of those in crisis or poverty. Many victims become enslaved and lives are taken away. Next, we meet a teenager named Isabella 16 years old whose also from a foreign country she had hopes of being a model. Like any teenage girl Isabella wanted to be a model, famous and travel the world. She had gone to a casting call without her parents’ consent and was told she would need to have a passport because as a “model” she will be traveling a lot. The agency told her they would make an acceptation for her and got her a passport, Isabella never told her parents she was leaving to be model only a close friend knew. That night Bella snuck out, she left a note for her family stating her journey to become a model. The day the agency left with the models out of the country is the day they all found out it wasn’t what they signed up for. All these young teens who thought they were going to be models bodies were now going to be sold for a price. In these sorts of situations the teens no there aren’t many ways to retaliate, they were drugged so they could take direction better and fewer issues would occur since they weren’t in the right state of mind. Anyone who tried to escape would be killed or punished worse than what they were suffering. 32 billion dollars each year is said to be made off of trafficking, it is the business of the future for the crime organization .Traffickers have the ability to re – sell humans over and over again this is extremely profitable. Last but not least is the youngest victim in the