Essay on Hurricane Katrina and Zeitoun

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Hazar Alasadi
Eng 105

Humans are more likely kindness

There is a link between kindness and cruelty, just as there is between love and hatred, the only difference being that when love turns into hatred, hatred cannot be turned back into love, but kindness and cruelty can go hand in hand, intertwined in the behavior of the sickly and twisted, for instance, causing greater hurtfulness and harm and by being just cruel or unkindly.
Eggar’s wrote "Zeitoun," book who tells the story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a

Syrian­American, who lived with his wife and children in New Orleans in 2005 when the city was hit by Katrina, the Category 5 hurricane that literally destroyed the city and changed it forever. Although he was thousands of miles away from his Syrian homeland, Zeitoun maintained a close relationship with his large family there, especially his older brother Ahmad..
Zeitoun eventually settled in the United States and made his way to New Orleans. Zeitoun was a family man and had a great desire to begin his own family. He met Kathy, an American woman who was a single mother and had converted to Islam after going through a bitter divorce. Zeitoun knew that Kathy was the right woman for him . They married, had three daughters, and owned and operated a successful painting contractor business. They also owned multiple properties in
New Orleans and ran a property management business.Throughout the book Dave Eggers social comment shows us how Zeitoun takes responsibility towards his kindness , whatever he deems to be God’s will, which provides a stark contrast to the way the government took no responsibility

or accountability for their actions during the response to Hurricane Katrina.However,
are more likely to behave with kindness.

Zeitoun is very kindness man, hard working, throughout his life, in everything he does, and he lives his life without any regrets about going the whole nine yards in any situation. When he was young up until the days of Hurricane Katrina, Zeitoun never used an excuse and never questioned whether or not he should be doing whatever it was he was attempting. For example, when he and Kathy were walking on a beach one day, he saw a rock in the distance and told her he wanted to walk to it and touch it. This would be a good walk for them along the beach. What he did not realize was that this rock was miles away, but even after walking he did not give up. Zeitoun is a very determined man who will always keep working to achieve his goal no matter what challenges are in his way. By the end of their walk Zeitoun and Kathy reached the rock and touched it, as had been his objective
(pg.198-200). Another example of his kindness and diligence was when he went to work one day on his bike and got a flat tire. Zeitoun figured that he could not be late, and his boss even mentioned that he could have easily used an excuse, but Zeitoun still ran down the streets of New Orleans with a bicycle on his back in order to get to work. Even when he realized, he would surely be late he continued to run, not wanting to be any later than he had to be (pg.26-28). Zeitoun wanted to meet his potential with every objective he had, and he would make the goal he set for himself every time, regardless of how high the standard.

Zeitoun has more significance man who kept his kindness because it speaks to a greater theme that everyone who participates in a nation or wider community than they should act in the best interest of humanity. One of the worst parts of Hurricane Katrina was that the

government did not help the people hit was supposed to. For example, in the movie Trouble the Water refugees seeking shelter go to an empty naval base but are turned away by the guards as an act of national security. One thing wrong with this is that the system in place