Hysteria In The Crucible Essay

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The McCarthy era was known also as the “ Second Red Scare.” In Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, he demonstrates how hysteria and dogmatism can play a major role in the tearing of religious communities. The McCarthy time period was when people with power accused vulnerable people, since it was much more easier to accuse them since no one would believe their side of the story because of dogmatism. Also during the era people used fear to gain power, and with that came the abusing of it.

When placed in a society with other judgmental humans, people attempt to establish and preserve a good reputation. Near the end of scene 1 when Abigail is being lectured by Hale for her and the girls actions. In attempt to bring Abigail back to God's sanity
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Intending to soothe the tension and provide an answer to the situation, in act 2 scene 2 Hale exclaims, “This is not witchcraft! These girls are frauds! You condemned an honest man!” when Danforth interrupts and yells, “I will have nothing from you Hale! (to proctor) Will you confess yourself befouled with hell or do you keep that black allegiance yet? What say you?” (74) In this section we can infer that hysteria is taking place because of Danforth's actions and his response to the simple response given to him by Hale. Danforth refuses to acknowledge the innocence of the girls and the condemned man since he is the leading enforcer and he strongly sides with the puritan beliefs. After this his attention pulls towards Proctor and demands to confess of siding with hell. This shows that his puritan beliefs and punishments are stronger than the urge to think things through and make the correct decisions. Thus having hysteria cloud his brain. Furthermore, in act 2 scene 3, proctor and danforth are having a debate during the court hearing when Danforth dramatically tells Proctor, “ Is that document a lie? If it a lie I will accept! What say you? I will not deal in lies, Mister! You will give me your honest confession in my hand or I cannot keep you from the rope. What way do you go mister?” (90). During the Mccarthy era people gained power by using fear, and with that fear, Danforth manipulated it towards the people so