I Just Wanna Be Average

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The k-12 educational experience of students can be affected by many factors. Two factors that affect a student's education is their socio-economic class and their race. The essay, "I Just Wanna Be Average" by Mike Rose, and other articles explain why students struggle in school due to their living conditions. Socio-economic class and race affects the k-12 education experience because of financial instability, poor communities, and living conditions in the home. Low income is one of the top issues that cripples a student's learning experience. Being part of a low income family can often affect a students way of thinking positive about their future. This unmotivates students to do well in school because of the inability to pay future tuition costs for higher schooling. According to the article, "The Affect of Socio-economic Status On Student Achievement" by Lucy Hart, she reasons that, "as low income socio-economic status students become aware of …show more content…
Parents who are low-income spend more time at work than at home which prevents them from spending time with their children. Jensen observes that, "Low SES (socio-economic status) children are often left at home to fend for themselves and their younger siblings while their caregivers work long hours... compared with their well-off peers, they spend less time playing outdoors and more time watching television and are less likely to participate in after school activities" (qtd. in Jensen 1). This means that students do not have time for after school activities or homework because of other responsibilities at home. These responsibilities causes the student to lose focus in school. Also, watching too much television prevents the child from practicing interaction and creating relationships with others at home or at