I Want To Search You

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I never knew that when a police officer stop you and ask to search you and you could say no to them unless you did something wrong and have reasonable suspious. I alway thought that since they are police officer, they could search anyone for any reason. That why I took criminal justice class so I could know what right and wrong. Ever since I took all this criminal justice class, I am just not scared of police officer anymore because they are people just like us but they are doing their jobs by looking for bad people. There are many different way an officer can search you, your home, and your vechicle. What is a search? According to California Criminal Evidence Guide: A Handbook for the Criminal Justice Student, "A search is an exploratory investigation, a looking for, or seeking out, by government officer, into an area where one possesses a reasonable expectation of privacy." If you get stop by a police officer an they dont have any reason suspious or no probable cause, they can't search you at last you give them consent to search you. When you give a police officer a consent search, you can stop them whenever you want them to stop. If they think you are arm with weapons then they can do a pat down on you that is call a frisks. For your home police officer have to have a search warrent in order to enter your home. In order to get a search warrant it must be approve by the judge first. On the search warrant, police officer have to describle what they ar elooking for and where it make be located. The search warrant is only valid for ten calendar days and can be served between the hour 7 am to 10 pm. Before the police When they do enter your home, they can only go to the place where the item could be hidden. For example, if they are looking for drug, they can search everywhere because drug can be hidden any where, but if they are to look for a car, then they are limit to the garage only or where the car can fit, they can't go into drawer to look for a car because a drawer doesnt fit a car. Plus, they can only look for the item that are list in the search warrant. However, if they are searching for drug and saw a stolen television, they could take that in as evidence as well. For consent search in your home, you could let the police officer search the area you want them to search and you could also stop them whenever you want them to stop searching. Let say if you share a house with a roommate and the police officer want to search your home. The police officer dont have the right to search your roommate room becuase that not your room and you don't have anything in there for the police to search, but if you and your roommate share the same room than the police officer can search you and your roommate room. What if you have marjuna growing from your backyard and your neighbor could see it throught the fence can they still get a search warrant from the police to search your house? The answer is "NO" they can't get a search warrant if they could see your majuna throught your fence, it have to be in plain view that mean the you have to see the majuna without looking through the fence, without using a ledder to look over and without using a binoculars, but if you can go to the second floor onto the belony in see your