Essay Iago: Othello and Iago

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Iago the Great

Iago the great warrior, with a beautiful wife, and loved by all who meet him; all Iago wanted was to feel like he was important. Were his motives just? Of course who would not want a title such as that, but to get it is not easy. Othello, whom had the title Iago desired, was dominant. Although Othello was a great man, Iago was the last one standing. Iago felt as if his wife had betrayed him with Othello, he felt he should be the best giving him a inner acknowledgement of defeat, and the people amongst him should be falling to his feet in praise. Iago thought his wife betrayed him with Othello being one of his main motives for defeat. Payback was to make it seem as if Desdemona had cheated in Othello with Cassio, by placing clues to convince Othello that it was so. Another way Iago went about getting Othello to look at Desdemona in disgrace was by describing her easy decision to marry and leave with out her father’s permission. In the end all of Iago’s tricks worked and Othello killed his beloved wife. Iago wanted Othello’s position of authority, in order to feel an inner acknowledgement of defeat. Iago caused Othello to go mad in the play because of all the mind games played on him, beginning with him not trusting Desdemona to shunning Cassio. A good example how Othello was manipulated was when he stormed out to the beach in frustration due to his “misplaced” scarf. Iago joins Othello on the beach instigating the situation over the scarf, leading Othello to say “By heaven, I would most gladly have forgot it. Thou said’st- O, it comes o’er my memory, As doth the raven o’er the infected house, Boding to all- he had my handkerchief” (IV, I.19-22.1008). All of the thoughts of betrayal put in Othello’s head make him question everything, giving Iago the plot he had hoped for. Iago had this drive for vengeance to prove he was the better man and in the end he thought he was even though his plan feel threw the cracks. The drive for the perfect life meant Iago would have to psychologically manipulate everyone around him, giving him the path to success. Discovering all Iago was worried about was himself, Othello was like a man from another story in A Good Man Is Hard to Find a father named Bailey. Both men are easily persuaded, both are hard headed, and die in the end. The situations and time periods are the main