Middle Schools Add A Team Rule: Get A Drug Test Written By Mary Pilan

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New York Times Synthesis Hw

In the article Middle Schools Add a Team Rule: Get a Drug Test written by: Mary Pilon, a written for the New York Times, wrote about how Drug tests are now becoming primary for middle school and high school athletes. She describes the parent’s opinion towards this new drug test and how they strongly dislike the violation of their children’s privacy. She states facts and evidence as well as statements spoken from parents as well as faculty. The parents found it absurd that their children had to give a urine sample in order to prove weather or not their children had taking any performance enhancing drugs or have taken any other substances that they shouldn’t be taking. Even though some may have disagreed with this drug test, a majority of the parents thought that the test was a good idea. Mary Pilon describes the way the drug tests works, by taking a series of urine sample tests, and also describes some of the repercussions the students might have to face if the test came out positive. Principals of schools have argued that this test is not to get anyone of these children in trouble, but to simple help them now right from wrong. Even though the drug tests might cost a good amount of money from the schools budget, school administrators feel as if the cause is worth it. Giving students a drug test isn’t going against any school or federal laws either, actually the law in 1995 was declared that schools are allowed to distribute a drug test