Essay on Identify AID victims

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English 1302
Mr. Cardenas
April 1, 2015
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS, is one of the most threating diseases known to mankind as it is 100 percent incurable. This illness is a transmittable disease in which can be passed through sexual contact, blood transfusion, organ transplant, sharing of needles, childbirth and occupation exposure. Many wonder if AID victims should be identified for the safekeeping of their own health as well as the unborn. Various individuals debate that AID victims owe it to the community as their moral duty and obligation to identify themselves instead of remaining silent. While these victims are entitled to that right; proponents such as myself feel that AID victims should be identified because it is their moral responsibility to not only themselves, but the public as well. Although AIDS is an irredeemable disease, AID victims have the power of preventing it. Identifying oneself as an AID victim could be unbearable, but they must consider the lives that are at jeopardy. Gaylin states, “We cannot fudge the facts to comfort the afflicted when such obfuscation compounds the tragedy” (70). Infected people want individuals to feel remorseful towards them instead of realizing the fact that they can prevent this disease from spreading by categorizing themselves. Being a victim of the AID virus gives you the ability to decrease the number of people affected by it. The author states, “Everyone who test positive must understand that he is a potential vector for the AIDS virus and has a moral duty and responsibility to protect others from contamination” (Gaylin 71). Once an individual is tested positive, it is their obligation to their community to protect the innocent, as they take the essential precautions from contracting the disease.