Identity is not always inherited Essay

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Identity is not always inherited. Through ‘Growing up Asian in Australia’ by Alice Pung and references from real life, It can seen that people may be influenced, though they are the only ones who can decide how they are seen and feel about their true Identity. With a closer look into who people are as they grow, this will add to the deeper insight and understanding of how true identity develops.

Identity is the distinct personality of an individual. “So from early on in life, I was a performer”. Diana Nguyen knew who she was, she identified as a performer. No one had told her who to be “danced, sang and acted”. Her Interests which helped to form her bright personality were linked to what she identified herself as ‘a performer’.
This highlights that her personality shone greatly, and this was how Diana chose to show herself. Therefore giving a title to her identity.

Adolescences start to develop their own identity. “I went tot Veit school for another three years, until I finally quit, telling my mother I need to focus on my school work”.
Dianna tried to please her mother, which most teenagers can relate too.
Due time came around in her teenage life when it was noticeably more important to become who she wanted, Rather than a mouldered figure of what the Vietnamese community and her mother wanted her to be as a person. Adolescences may be viewed as rebellious; in truth they are only trying to grow an impendent sense of self.

Identity can be directly inherited in sheltered societies. In countries where marriages are arranged social expectations upon identity may be stronger. Marriages are decided under a match maker. Within sheltered societies the pressure upon the individual may be forcefully shape them into a distinct identity. Women may feel they must fill the role of a perfect woman to please their partner, if this type of ideal has been placed in their mind from an early age, this may be a perfect example of how identity can be directly inherited.

A person’s sexual preference is determined only by them and under no one else’s influence. “There’s nothing wrong with being gay.” “Gay people can’t help it”.
Just as Benjamin Laws mother puts it, Gay people are born that way.
No one chooses another person’s sexuality, only the individual themselves can ultimately choose whether they want to announce or share their true identity.
Lesbians and Gays speak of confusion in their early adolescences that they themselves may have been told who they should be. Majority of parents will speak to their children in a way that will direct them to sound as if they must only have an interest in the opposite gender. This can result in a longer time frame of a person’s true identity being developed.

Identity is not always inherited, though it may be in some cases under specific circumstances. Representations of how people come to find themselves and their true identities through Alice Pungs “ Growing up Asian in Australia” and real life