Ill Gotten Gain Essay

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It is obvious that man acts on his own benefit. When making simple decisions, man will often chose whatever he sees will benefit it him the short-term of things. He seeks Instant gratification. In some situations, he will seek to be gratified instantly at the cost of justice; He is willing to bring injustice for instant pleasure. While it appears to be bringing good to man, it never brings the most good and certainly should never have to bring injustice. In fact, it brings more damage than good to act unjustly for what is seemingly profitable. In this essay, we will view how it truly doesn’t benefit man to act unjustly in our culture today, the culture of Plato, and in a biblical worldview.

First, we look at unjustly gains and losses in our culture today, a modern and predominantly godless society. The general notion of how to live your life expressed by todays news, television, social networks, etcetera are not only against the word of God, but often against the word of the law. Take illegal substances for instance -- We have entire dramas surrounding the creation, usage, and glorification of it. By taking illegal drugs, you are forcing pleasure from your body. While this gain appears to be fine and completely just, in long term, your are and can bring much damage to your body and the people around you. It brings much more destruction than pleasure, making it a good example of unjust gain.

Second, we look at unjustly gains and losses in the culture of Plata, an ancient and predominantly pagan society. It was common in Plato’s day to exercise the “eye for an eye” theology. However, this belief does not bring only benefit. While it may seem just, it truly isn’t. Luke 6:29 tells us how we are to truly act when