Impact of Iom Report on Nursing Essay

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Nursing career is one of the few fastest growing fields in the health care industry not only in the United States but also in the world. Nurse practice has drastically changed in the last decade and as a result the need for changes in nursing practice is becoming more and more important. The Institute of Medicine report discusses so many aspects in nursing but this paper requires detailing the impacts on Nursing Practice (Transforming Practice), Nursing Education (Transforming Education), and the Nurse’s role as a Leader (Transforming Leadership). These three key aspects are discussed in the following pages.

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals: Impact on Future of Nursing The key points that the Institute of
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Health care organizations such as hospitals and other institutions recognize the importance and the value that the baccalaureate and graduate nurses bring to primary care. What it means, is that, current nurses should look into pursuing professional development now regardless of their age. They should be engaged in lifelong learning to cope up with current trends in healthcare. They should enter in to differentiated nursing educational programs to prepare themselves for increased and improved nursing practice, earning an advanced degree in particular fields that would lead them to RN licenses, which will certainly increase their chances for career advancement, and their professional practice level.
Impact of Report on Transforming Leadership Leadership skills are highly critical for nurses for transformed healthcare and it should be developed by the nurses from the bedside to boardroom. In the eyes of public, nurses are not always viewed as leaders. They must partner with doctors and other professionals in the transformation of healthcare. In the patient care environment, nurses should take full responsibility for identifying problems, making a plan, tracking it, and adjusting it overtime for continuous improvement, in order to attain set goals and objectives. Nurses should serve as patient advocates and must be involved in any decision