Essay about Impact of Iom Report on Nursing Education

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Changes in the Health Care System and the Practice of Nursing have become complex. Technological changes, complicated client needs, short hospital length of stay, and departure from acute care to community based care, all these changes have underscore the need for professional nurses to think critically in order to provide safe and effective client care. A better educated nursing workforce can provide good health education to patients and their families. The affordable care of 2010 has required the need for nurses to expand their role of practice to meet complicated patient demands. This has prompted the Institute Of Medicine to review the “Future of Nursing, Leading change and Advancing Health”. {Creasia & Fribery,2011}
The Impact of the
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According to the IOM report nurses need to assume leadership role in the Health Care System. This can be done by being full partners within the health care profession and collaborating with other health care workers to create better patient outcome. The image of nursing as, handmaidens rather than colleagues, and independent decision makers has changed. Today nurses can function with increase autonomy in their area of practice {Creasia & Fribery,2011}.To be effective leaders nurses need knowledge and skill set to play that role. Nurses are empowered to take leadership roles in private and governmental health care facilities. Increase in knowledge and advance training will always be needed in the nursing career to provide safe and quality care for patients. Nurses are needed to be active participant in redesigning and reforming our health care systems especially when the nursing career is affected. Nurses can work with other health care professionals to create a collaborative workforce to promote health. Nurses can also demonstrate leadership skills by being proactive in providing patient care.
As a nurse I will use the knowledge that I have acquired from my education as well as my experience over the years, to provide the leadership and participate with other health care advocate for patients. I will also provide