Implementing Organizational Change Research Paper

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Implementing Organizational Change
October 22, 2012

Implementing Organizational Change
Health care organizations that choose to convert to an electronic medical record system (EMR) have several advantages; most important it increases patient safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security. Accepting such a transition also presents with its share of challenges like preparing for the required significant time obligation and resources that will make the transition a successful one. Leadership and management must create an atmosphere that will get the buy-in of all stakeholders. Providing information about the process and what methods will be best to make the conversion to an EMR system is an important aspect of the implementation
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With adequate proficient monitoring from the designate group, changes can be tailored the system better to fit needs of the organization. Many facilities that implement the EMR system train multiple champions throughout the organization to assist in the monitoring, preparation, and implementation of the new system. Scheduling of training sessions with feedback from trainees allows additional revision made if something is not fitting in the normal routine of frontline employees. They can create templates based on the feedback from the frontline staff that will incorporate the needed changes to make the implementation successful within the organization. Healthcare organizations that are adopting this new electronic system need to take in consideration the methods their frontline staffs are currently using to create acceptable change within the organization. When creating the new system, facilities should only make necessary changes to keep the basis of the workflow the same. Realistically, the change will interrupt the workflow of the staff but the organization wants to take whatever avenues to reduce the stress of the implementation process with the frontline staff.
When implementing an EMR system, organizations expected to make certain changes to their current method of processing and system use. It also will affect staffs personal and professional roles during the implementation