Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan-Part I
Janet Yapor
HCS 587
October 6, 2010
Perlita Cerilo

Organizational Change Plan-Part I The proposed organizational change is designed for the Miami VA Medical Center (MVAMC). The vision of the MVAMC is that of a hospital that provides veterans world-class benefits and services adhering to the highest standards, (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2010). Therefore, to provide and maintain excellence in care, it is necessary to improve constantly. Health laws require documentation of nursing interventions performed and evaluation of the care given to ensure and improve nursing care quality (Muller-Staub, 2009). In 2001, the MVAMC changed the paper-based nursing documentation system to
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To avoid potential resistance it is necessary to identify potential factors that might influence proposed change. The most common aspects are: trust in management, communication processes, employee participation in the change development, and the quality of the information available--that is education. Furthermore, motivation can be considered one of the main factors that can contribute to either a positive or negative outcome. If an employee in an institution lacks motivation toward the change to computer documentation, this behavior could negatively influence implementation of the change (Spector, 2010). In order to overcome potential factors affecting organizational readiness for the proposed change it is essential to have in place a well organized project management protocol. Therefore, planning, implementation, testing, education, and feedback are essential items that would guarantee a successful result. Managers are considered the most critical success factor when they engaged as