Importance Of America Great Again Essay

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In our high school American History courses, we learn about how the United States has come to be the great nation it is today. We learn that the United States is a nation founded on liberty and freedom. A nation that immigrants dream of coming to in search of better opportunities and equality. One can only imagine how disappointed they would be when they fought so hard to come here, and the second they arrive, they turn on the TV only to hear of the latest conflict between people of two different races. How can we call ourselves the “United States” when we have no sense of unity? Many of us are struggling over the difference of what America is now and what America used to be. Just ask our new president, Donald J. Trump, who ran his campaign by the very words “Make America Great Again”, and won because of it. It’s no secret that many of us believe America has lost its way in the world, and see the need for change …show more content…
I truly believe America was once this really great place. Although enacting completely new policies, such as creating stronger borders and making our Armed Forces stronger, may have the potential to better America, I see a much bigger issue. It’s not that we need to “Make America Great Again” but, that we need to “Make America America Again”. In Lewis Lapham’s “Who and What is American?” he points out how divided we have become as a country. I mostly agree with Lapham and his ideas and discussion of the underlying reasons as to how and why we have become so divided and the arguments he provides to prove that we aren’t all that different. I see this division that Lapham discusses as the “much bigger issue” that we are facing in America. We are no longer that country that people can come to in order to find equality. We have come to ignore this very value that our country was founded