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In AMC’s hit show Better Call Saul, Jimmy McGill is a small time lawyer who gets mixed up in a scam with two skate boarding brothers. There is a high profile client Jimmy desperately wants, a county treasurer. A chance encounter with a pair of twin skateboarder con-men leads him to an idea: He can use their fake hit-by-a-car scheme to come to the rescue of the treasurer’s wife, Betty, thereby securing her and her husband’s business.
The plan goes awry when the boys try out there scheme by skating out in front of the car and pretending to be hit. Instead of stopping after the accident, the woman takes off. The brothers quickly follow in pursuit and chase the driver all the way to her home. Little do they realize they have the wrong target and it is not the treasurer’s wife but instead a frail old grandmother. The boys begin to use a forcing conflict style and harass her over the accident and threaten to sue her if she doesn’t pay up for their injuries. She doesn’t speak English and becomes increasingly distraught, so she invites the boys in to speak with her grandson, Tuco about it. Tuco overhears the boys screaming and bullying his grandmother and instructs her to go upstairs to lie down while he handles it.
Unfortunately, for the boys they do not realize that Tuco is a psychopathic Mexican drug kingpin. He proceeds to beat and tie them up for insulting him and his grandmother. When Jimmy arrives at the scene he is held at gunpoint by Tuco. Jimmy attempts to use the smoothing conflict style and tries explaining to Tuco that this was a misunderstanding. He confesses this was all just an exceedingly unfortunate mix up, and the true target of the skateboarding scam was the wife of the county treasurer, a man who has stolen over a million dollars from the Albuquerque treasury. Jimmy apologizes and promises the boys won’t pursue going after his grandmother for money and that they will leave and never speak a word of this to anyone, especially the police. He fails to smooth things over and gain Tuco’s confidence, so Tuco calls his gang to take Jimmy and the brothers out into the middle of the dessert.

Once they arrive Tuco is still not convinced Jimmy is telling him the truth. Jimmy pleads to him again he actually is a lawyer and his story is true. Eventually, it is one of Tuco’s henchmen who convinces Tuco not murder Jimmy. He uses confronting style and reminds Tuco that killing a lawyer is just bad news and something they shouldn’t get mixed up in. He reminds him Jimmy has…