In The American Society Short Story

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In the short story “In the American Society” by Gish Jen we are told about the Chang family that moved from China to America. The story tells how the father took over a pancake house and instantly began to succeed in the business. Thought the business was succeeding not everything was running smoothly due to a conflict between employees and the owner Mr. Chang. While Mr. Chang knows how to successfully run the store, he doesn’t fully grasp the work expectations that are expected in America Compared to his home country China. In the story it can clearly be seen that Mr. Chang really cares for his employees through the acts of kindness we see through out the story. Its told that when his employees are struck with hard times that Mr. Chang would actually give money to his employees to help get them out of their financial problems. We even are told of how Mr. Chang bails out two of his employees that end up in jail. From these acts of kindness we know that Mr. Chang truly does care for all of his workers, but because of the culture he is from he expects too much from his employees. Mr. Chang is use to the Chinese culture of where company employees are like family and even help out outside of the business. Mr. Chang expects so much from his employees …show more content…
Chang keeps telling Mr. Chang how they are not in China anymore and that his business isn’t a Chinese civilization that he needs to jump in and safe. Whenever he gives away a big sum of money she will be there to tell him how he shouldn’t be giving out money like he would to help others back in his money country. However, Mr. Chang can’t really seem to grasp the concept that he needs to run the business in the American way and not in the Chinese way that he grew up knowing. Because Mr. Chang Is so caught up in the Chinese culture of running a business he doesn’t realize how he can’t have employees come help out at his home because the workers in America will view this as being his