Indian School Essay

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Gloria Santos Ramos
US History
May 19, 2013
Indian School Common Task “School wasn’t for me?” This was said by an Indian little kid. In this assignment I am going to explain the reasons of why Indians were sent to a different place. Also, who were the people who took them. After, I am going to explain the things they did to the Indians. Finally, with this assignment my history knowledge will outgrow and will fulfill my understanding on what happened at that period of time when the Indians where in the United States. First, the young Indians boys were taken away from their families by the White Man’s as the Indians referred them. However, an example of the things they went through is “The first time was when I was eight years old. The soldiers came and rounded up as many of the Blackfeet children as they could.” This meant that no matter how old you were they would’ve taken you to make you act like an American. They did it because “The government had decided we were to get a White Man’s Education by force.” Then, the things they did to them as they were choosing who were going to be taken away. They “Once there at the school at Fort Shaw our belongings were taken from us.” The soldiers took everything away from the little medicine bag given by their mother in case they were in harm. Everything was placed in a heap and set in fired as for it to be forgotten. These are some of the things they started doing as soon as the Indian kids were away from their families.
However, another thing they did to the Indian kids was that their long hair for the Indians was their pride to them, well they cut it off. Also, all the buckskin clothing the traditional Indians used were also taken away and they had to dress up as the Americans. They felt so lonely during the day and more especially during the nights. Finally, they took everything away from the little kids because it was supposed to change them from being Indian to becoming a good American. Finally, Even though, they were learning new things one of the most important rule was that the Indian kids weren’t supposed to speak in their language anymore. They were expected to speak English all the time. If they were caught speaking in their…