Essay about Industrial Revolution and Watt Steam Engine

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The Industrial Revolution was no doubt one of the most crucial aspects of the development of Britain. It was essentially an economic boom and a drastic increase in efficiency of production in Britain. The British Industrial Revolution brought another level of living to Britain, some of the most important aspects of the Industrial Revolution include the invention of new technology, rapid rise of population, improved transportation, expansion of domestic and international markets. In essence, the industrial revolution was able to bring a new way of life to the British citizens.
There may be controversy however it is evident that the development of new technology was the catalyst behind all of the other industries booming too. Technology was one of the most crucial parts in the industrial revolution, it brought around to us several invention which severely changed the methods in which we farmed crops, communicated and also transportation. One of the most influential inventions developed during the industrial revolution was the Cotton gin. Prior to this invention, removing the cotton from its seeds was extremely labor intensive and expensive and was often considered an unworthy investment. Another extremely important invention is the Watt Steam Engine, although not perfect at first it possessed the attributes to become a huge contribution to society. Although not being the first steam engine, it proved itself as being the most efficient one. The other steam engines had mechanisms which simply did not allow for extended periods of use and would eventually overheat. There were several improvements made to the Watt Steam Engine, the prototype offered enormous amounts of success,