Information Pipeline Essay

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Information Pipeline

MGMT211 Abstract
In a business there will always be challenges that you will face with competitors. Knowing how to deal with them and making sure you take the proper steps to fixing them can make your company more successful. With the right information technology you are able to move faster, keep organized and have the proper backup if the system goes down. Making sure you have the proper security system in place whether it be with firewalls and security software it will help protect each component.

Maintaining Competitive Advantages
There is always going to be challenges when creating and maintaining competitive advantages in a work environment. If your quality and safety of your establishment is not up to pare, this can be detrimental to your business. To fully understand what competitive advantage is, it is simply defined in the text as, “providing greater value for customers than competitors can” (Williams 107). Having and knowing what your costumer’s needs and wants are is important to having success within an organization. This essentially means that one company simply has the best product, whether it be the most reliable and trustworthy or it has the most recent technologies to where other competitors simply cannot keep up.
Coffee Business In a coffee business, it is sometimes hard to gain competitive advantage because there are only so many different cups of coffee one can make. Gaining competitive advantage in the coffee industry can be done in other ways besides having the most outrageous drinks and extremely high prices. Brainstorming prior to this essay, it has been discovered that some of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage would be to: go completely organic, have the freshest of beans, drive down prices by remaining ecologically responsible, and lastly make the coffee shop one that people truly will like to go to. This is where new technology plays a factor into gaining a competitive advantage over another business.
A lot of managers or owners of companies are afraid of new technology, because they are not used to it or maybe being that it really has not been around for that long might push them away from embracing technology. However, what they might lose out on is increasing production, improving their processes, the busiest times of the day for them, and success of promotions. By companies embarrassing the new technology it can only work to their advantage.
Marketing and Promoting
Another major challenge for most companies is marketing. Without the proper marketing tools other companies can and will get ahead in the industry. Even by creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account to promote your company is a good way to start. Places like coffee shops will usually market locally because their clients will only come from a close proximity. With that, coffee shops will generally do mailers or flyers to residential customers and commercial customers. This will allow the company to maintain a competitive advantage within the community.
Another thing that companies often forget about is being creative. By setting your company apart from others by not looking or offering the same things as your competitor down the street a costumer is more likely to go towards something that is new or keeping up to date of the products they are offering. Organizations always want to draw people into their establishment and can do so by having up to date products and/or materials, marketing that will promote your company, new information technology and the right type of quality and safety that your costumer is looking for. This leads into why information technology is a vital role to any businesses looking to succeed.
Information Technology
Information technology is a vital role in any type of business but even more vital to companies that directly compete with one another. For example, having the best and