Information Technology Acts Paper

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Information Technology Acts Paper
January 22, 2014

Much of the changes that occur in our society are based on advancements in our technology. For the most part these advancements help create a more sophisticated avenue, so that we can function properly with each change that comes along. Technological advancements take place everyday and with these constant changes it is important to have organization and guidelines that will be understood by the public. Having laws or acts set in place helps with regulation and is the best way to make a specific advancements stable.
The Federal Trade Commission took charge after many years and imposed in 2003, a National Do-Not-Call Registry that was within the parameters of the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act ("Technological Advances Lead To New Forms Of Telemarketing-Daily Bruin", 2007). This was set in place to alleviate individuals of constant telemarketing and solicitation phone calls that interfered with their daily lives. The registry is the first advancement developed to attempt in relieving the situation and to rheostat, what many people found to be uninvited calls and even claimed to be a form of harassment.
According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) after many complaints that increases continuously, they have also made it easily available as well as free to have your number entered into the registry, with exceptions. These exceptions to the rule are what some would call loopholes. Meaning that certain company’s that are telemarketing can still attempt to reach you. The reason for that is because they have certain criteria’s, if met by you willingly for instance, you gave written consent or had established some type of business at any given point, these are considered exception to the rule ("Do Not Call List-", 2014). So it is important to understand what part you played first, if any, on why you continue to receive calls. None-the-less the option still remains and the registry is available when needed. As time moves on and other developments are created, we now have other ways to keep our peace and avoid the