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Current Practice Analysis for
Impact of Green IT for organizations

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Current Practice Analysis for Impact of Green IT for organizations

In the world of modernization and globalization, the issue to keep our environment friendly, has become controversial one and has spark debate among different organizations of every field. Computing is one of them. In this sophisticated world, Green Information Technology is making practice to reduce the negative impacts by generating new plans, strategies, operations and disposing of computers. It informs the organizations about the hazardous materials and tricks to use the energy effectively. In the following report we are going to research about the current issues, practices, advantages and disadvantages of Green Information Technology, their impact on various organizations, comparison between the theoretical studies and the current practice in this field. Green IT has some policies and matrices. This Information Technology department goes through it practically before any invention. Now a days, giving importance to methods such as Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of products is the key factor for Green sustainability. Green Information Technology is basically known as a package of strategic and tactic inventions, which are used to low down the ‘carbon footprint’ of any company and their operating system. It is fair and justifiable to say that Green IT has become boon for every organization to keep our environment friendly. We will discuss whole concept of green IT as following.

It is clear from the name Green Information Technology that it is related to environment. In this ultra-modern world, every company wants profit in their business. In this rat race, they forget to use the resources in an efficient manner. So, Green Information Technology is the branch, which uses practices to design new methods of manufacturing, using, storing and disposing in a eco-friendly way.
Green Information Technology is mainly focusing on making the products, applications and services that are environment friendly such that everyone can take benefit of it and has minimum negative impact on nature e.g. monitors, printers, keyboards, memory storage equipment, networking and communication systems.
Now, it is the need of the day to discover new ways, plans and strategies in making new ecofriendly products and services. At the same time, it is developing the new methods which can be used to reuse and recycle the products. It teaches us about the harmful materials of our environment, the amount to wastage that can be reduced. In other words, Green Information Technology is a kind of revolution, which spread awareness among different people to use energy effectively without disturbing composition of environment. It mainly takes care of the sustainability of resources with the help of the Information technology. It also, teaches that there are various other things which can be recycled like paper or packaging. People pay too much money on the travel for their work or job, so Green IT is providing them an alternative solutions (telecommuting), in this way people can work from home and this is very helpful step in saving the energy (e.g. fuel) and travel cost.
Literature Analysis
Supply Chain Management:
The study of green supply chain management practice is being approved by many of the industries involved in the manufacturing of products related to the electrical and electronics products through-out the globe. Green supply chain management (GSCM) is a comparatively a new approach that is being adopted by many of the leading organizations that complies new green issues. The current experimental study shows that the GSCM practices are being adopted and are implemented in the technology majorly being using which takes forward to execute GSCM virtually as well as environmentally performance as well. Approaches applicable on GSCM practice have been identified by various