Informed Consent

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Informed Consent
Informed consent is the concept that a patient knows what is going to be happening with their medical treatment. It is a very important job for a physician to get consent from their patient before starting any kind of treatment. To understand informed consent you need to know about its history, the types, the laws and rules, and your role as a medical assistant in getting informed consent.
The history of informed consent can be broken down in two different parts. Informed consent in research and informed consent in medical treatment. Informed consent in research is you accepting your body to be used in research. Informed consent in medical treatment is you excepting the treatment that your physician is given to you.
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The standard states that as a physician you need to give all the information need for a prudent person to make a decision on if they want a treatment. The information that a prudent person would want is the diagnosis, the risks and consequences of the treatment, success and failures, benefits, alternative treatments, cost, and level of pain. These thing are all very important in the process of making an informed decision on a treatment. When you are trying to find a treatment it is important to know it is going to work for you and you have all the information that you are going to need to make a decision. It is important that a physician uses the reasonable person standard or the prudent person rule to help inform their patients. ( Fremgen, 62)
Informed consent has many benefits to the patient. It makes it so that the patient has a choice and they are not going to be told what they have to do. Consent lets you have a voice in your medical treatment. Informed consent also allows you to get all the information you need from the physician to make a decision on if a treatment will work for you. You can also ask questions about the treatment. It also lets you say that you do not want a treatment done. Your body could be used for any medical experiment or treatment if there was not informed consent and that would be
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A procedure that expressed consent would be need that a medical assistant could perform is giving a vaccine. When you are going to perform this procedure it is important that you make sure that the physician has already talked to the patient and has got them to sign the informed consent form before you do the procedure.
Implied consent is the type of consent as a medical assistant that you will be dealing with the most. As a medical assistant you will be asking for this all the time. An example of this would be asking if you can take your patient blood pressure and they give you their arm. Another example is if you ask if you can take the temperature and they open their mouth for you. Any time that you ask your patients if you can do something and they respond with an action that accepts the treatment.
History, the types, the laws and rules, and your role as a medical assistant in getting informed consent are all important in your understanding of informed consent. It is important that you know and understand what informed consent is working in the medical field because you always have to make sure that your patient knows what they are getting into before they start their medical treatments. Informed consent is where every procedure should