Initial Assesment English 1 Essay

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Explain your current career goal and why that career appeals to you.

Careers are occupations taken on by a person for a significant amount of time that could make progression in one’s life. I personally have two majors or degree’s that I am working towards; those being nursing and psychology. My first degree that I am working towards is nursing. After I get my AA in nursing I will start towards my psychology degree. In the following paragraphs I will elaborate on my two choices. Nursing is a career that will never vanish; someone in the world will always need a nurse or a caretaker. I choose nursing as my first career because it has always been my passion to help others medically in need. I have asthma so I know the struggle of having to depend on others sometimes to be able to survive. There are times where someone needs a hand to hold or a few words of encouragement and I want to make it my duty to be there for those individuals. Nursing to me is so much more than taking down some information or giving you a shot, as a nurse you are the first person the patient sees so you have to be that friend, counselor, and person the patient can confide in. nurses are the heart and soul of the hospital. Nurses are the beginning, middle, and end to all operations. Nursing is a career that if everything else fails you will always be able to go back to nursing, and I just love to save lives. Psychology is my dream major I love it. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be in touch with others. I already have a passion for people and making them feel better but psychology is a whole different feeling for me. It makes me glow. To me psychology is