Ink Tattoos Essay

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1. Give an outline of the different views on ink tattoos presented in the texts.

“When, for example, does tattooing become self-mutilation?”
This quote is taken from text 1 by Andy Carrington who’s a poet and writer. In 2012 he published this text “Is Tattooing a Form of Self-Mutilation?” through his personal website.
The question is: Does tattooing mean self-mutilation at all? It depends how you turn the perspective. Andy Carrington has a majority of tattoos, since he wrote “I will confess I chose to have a majority of my tattoos done to alleviate my boredom”. His opinion is that people are more self-destructive if they have tattoos. This text focuses on how your identity changes on the number of tattoos you have printed on their
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He also believes that mayor and the other figures around the world maybe have got the thing the wrong way, by actually writing: “Maybe they’ve got things the wrong way round.” He ends his view on tattoos by writing: “If it’s respectable, decent, conformist workers they want, then they should look to the tattooed, whose body art is evidence not of deviancy but of opposite:” All in all Brendan O’Niell sees tattoos as self-expression which most people have in common and that every single person should see tattoos as art and not rebellion which can cost a job-opportunity.

3. Taking your starting point in text 3, discuss what ink tattoos signal in today’s society.

Following to the introduction of Alexis Sachdev’s text, she sees tattoos as “A permanent accessory”. In the todays society every single individual has their own personal opinion on how they see tattoos like. Typically, people have tattoos to express their identity and what they have experienced. There are unlimited variations of tattoos you can get and the symbolic too. People have tattoos like: Art, life-quotes, numbers e.g. birthdays, names of others or last name from their family. Also there are humans who have tattoos that can fear others. Like gang-related tattoos like Satudarah MC and Black