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27 October 2014 Inside and outside of Clinton Community College When I attended college today, I decided to sit at the lanky circular grey table in the hallway by the auditorium. I couldn’t smell the food from the lunchroom yet, its way too premature for them to start preparing lunch. To bad they didn’t cook breakfast. That would be amazing because lots of students have classes first thing in the morning. As I sat there noticed the golden yellow and cherry red leaves whooshing all over outside. I could also spot students come in and out the shimmering glass door, I felt a cool gust of wind whoosh past my face as the students entered or exited the school. Even though the students were walking close by, you could hear them gossip stridently. Finally the hallway was clear, and the only place you could hear chattering was the main office. Suddenly, an adolescent male around his twenties walked passed; he reeked of expensive cologne for men. Meanwhile, as I sat there I had a sweet cherry Jolly Rancher in my mouth to soothe my dry throat. As I twisted around I could spot two lofty males come out the bathroom and I was listening to the bathroom door creek as it closed. Chesmore 2
To the right of me, I could sense the vibrations close by from the men walking past as they went into the auditorium and lunch room. Then I got up from the giant circular grey table, getting ready to walk down the hallway back to the entrance near the biology classrooms. I detected an adolescent blonde woman walking on the other side of me she smelled like a juicy red apple. The closer I got to the backdoor, I could hear the cardinals chirping in the carroty orange and cherry red leaves on the green emerald dried grass , with the wind slightly blowing them away. Although sun was shining it was dazzling, it blinded me for a second. Then I tried to squint at the noisy echoing car that went past. The cool air felt frosty to me as I stood outside looking