A Brief Explanation About Myself Essay

Words: 376
Pages: 2

Taylor Garrant


My house does not signify one thing about me, instead it signifies many. I decided to
split my paper in half to be able to show myself inside and out. On the outside i started to
create my house by first deciding what it was going to be made out of. I decided concrete
would be best, because physically and mentally i am a very strong person. I try to be tough for
myself because i know the tougher i am in life the less ill be taken advantage of. As for the
large window, the shape had to be unique because i view myself as a very unusual person, so
i didn't want my house to be ordinary. The flowers represent how everyone sees me and the
thorns wrapped around the door and the chains suggest how much they don't know, only
what they see. The jagged edges on the roof imply unpredictability, since i change my every
The inside of the house is very different compared to the outside. The basement is
very dark. I drew the teardrops of blood because i am a morbid person. Anything dark and
gory, i find very appealing. For the fourth level i created a big door that is locked. I decided to
do this because i don't let a lot of people in i try to shut people out of my life, ever since my
parents have filed for a divorce. The third floor mainly focuses on the fire. I chose this as a
level because fire can symbolize many things from, passion to excitement, anger to love. For
me fire means passion because i chase my dreams, for…