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Insight to the Dream
Through one’s eyes of the American Dream they might think to get wealthy or have a nice house. But through my eye’s the dream is putting people before myself, helping others through their struggles, and to let them see that there is more to America than lusting over physical characteristics. Each thought or dream is different from the other but each interpretation of the dream is having a good life, living in the foundation of god, and freedom.
Mary brown said her dream was to “buy a house, to get a good job and to have a good family. But having to grow up during these hard times she realized that it’s not all about having nice things but just trying to help yourself and to have the best life you can have. When you’re maturing dream can change due to personal reasons or maybe even if you realize that there is something higher than your thoughts such as living on the foundation of god.
Lindberg Brown Said the world is changing and coming to different perspectives so his dream is “For America to come to the foundation of god and for everyone to come back to in god we trust.” In times like this no one truly understands the true meaning of putting everything you have in god’s hands. It is very rare to see the parents teaching their kids about god. The parents are vacating away from that.
For immigrants their perception of the dream is unlike anyone else’s. Their dream is “to come to America, get a good job and to take care of their family. But