Insomnia: Insomnia and Good Sleep Essay

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You roll on the bed while your eyes still open. You wonder why you can not get to sleep. You know that must be something wrong with it. Those are the times when you have insomnia, and you're never really asleep as well as being really awake. What could be worse than an insomniac night? It may drive you fatigued and unendurable. Insomnia can be caused by several reasons, but some main factors usually are stress, depression, and caffeine.
Anxiety which causes stress always exists around you, and it not only makes you feel worse, but also leads to insomnia. You can get anxiety from petty things to important things in your daily life. At night, when you are in bed, you are not able to make yourself relax because you feel stuck with your worriment, and you take lots of burdens and pressures in your mind. After all, you might suffer from insomnia. As a result, you can not sleep enough to balance your physical strength. You will feel sleepy all the time, yet the bad news is you still could not get some sleep. Stress causes insomnia; vice versa, insomnia causes stress. Therefore, if you want to have a good sleep, you have to reduce tension and let your mind be relaxed as much as you can.
One related term to stress is depression, which is made from your emotions and moods. When you try your best but you do not succeed. When something happens, but it is not the way you want, and it is getting worse. When things are out of your control, you feel blue, tired and hopeless. Once these problems are put together, you probably get depressed. As well as stress, depression prevents you from sleeping, for lying awake at night may make depressive thoughts worse, and you do not feel the urge to sleep anymore. Consequently, insomnia may decrease your quality of life because you can not concentrate to anything one hundredth percent. Otherwise, you lack the ability to focus on. Sometimes, due to insomnia, your depression might be worse, so you have to be open-minded, express your feeling and share with everyone. Instead of holding inside and being passive, you could try to see your problem in different ways so that you will not feel melancholy. Therefore, you can have a deeply sleep at night without thinking too much.
The last factor probably keeping people away from sleeping is caffeine. Common sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, energy drinks and chocolate. Although caffeine improves performance through your daily activities such as increasing wakefulness, focusing, and reducing physical fatigue due