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Reasoning for a new system.

We use a server-client network, this type of network uses a central server and specialized network software. The server is dedicated and is only used to store files and run server tasks. The computers, which connect to the server, are called clients and these are the machines the employees would use.
The servers at the moment are windows servers, which are not fully compatible with mac, which is the new technology, the old technology has to be replaced to. The red dots are a result of using old technology with new technology, it is a network lag, the windows based server’s communication with the mac os clients does lag which is a hassle as it takes up time to find the problem and a few tweaks by the IT’s to get it started.

The server currently is a hardwired connection, by using wires which are attached to the clients. The wires which run through the walls are a lot and take up lots of energy for keeping the server online, thereby increasing the electricity bills and contributing to pollution which our school is trying to stop and go green. Not to mention the hardwired system is not at all efficient, the wire system is a huge hassle when trying to detect a break in the wires, which could cause problems in the whole server-client communication. Thus causing problems to the users, all their data their work is on the server which would be wasting their time and delaying deadlines, thereby putting their jobs at risk. The system is old and is not at all user friendly when compared to the latest technology like the airport.

The windows based server-client connection uses WEP(wired equivalent privacy) encryption which is easily hack able by anyone using software’s like fireshark, kismac which collect the IV packets(the data which is sent between the client and server) which is encrypted by using stream cipher when intercepted and collected by it can be cracked by specific algorithms, by checking the frequency chart. The packets sent are important as they contain all the data known as clear text.

Now the employees wouldn’t want their data being compromised, now would they. Some employees might still feel unsafe just at the thought of using an unsecure connection, unsecure as any hacker could easily get to their data. Not just professional hackers but by anyone with the help of software’s like fireshark, nmap scanner, etc. Especially the confidential data, like finance data, if compromised would not be good for any organization.

The current server’s firewall isn’t very strong which would make it susceptible to malicious attacks from the Internet, in the form of viruses, worms, etc. Which could end up destroying all the data in the servers, which would be a nightmare for the employees and the IT’s.

Active Directory used in our current widows based server, support is limited in that only a single domain controller is supported with no replication options. That domain controller can't establish trusts with other domains, essentially limiting every client to a single domain. 

If we eventually grow to multiple sites, the lack of replication means that every user log-in -- or other Active Directory query -- must be process across the network links between sites, often at the cost of slow performance and network congestion. Larger numbers of users can also result in decreased performance, even at a single site. The airports encryption is hack-proof (but has been hacked by professionals) due to random cryptography using wpa and wpa2 technology. Also WEP plus when used at both the server and the client, is safer which is in the new airport technology.
The airport is compatible with everything, even with windows as well as ios software in our iPhone or ipad.
There is less power consumption by the airport when compared to the bulk of wires, only 8 airports would be required for all the computers to be connected to the server thus becoming the client, not to mention the amount of less space