Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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5. Setup and Installation:
1. Installation of Networked Printers:
i. A print server will be set up on the HAFH domain, and consistent printer policies will be pushed out across the network printers such that the printing processes will be consistent. ii. All the network printers will be integrated with PaperCut (Print Management Software) and the print server. iii. Ink cartridges, toner cartridges and printer trays will be fitted and tested. iv. System Center Configuration Manager will be put in place to manage all the Windows 10 PCs.
v. An IP address pool will be reserved in the DHCP Server for the network printers. vi. Each network printer will be assigned a static IP address from the reserved IP address pool. vii. Specific network
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For VoIP Installation:
i. Remove all network hubs. ii. Install anti-virus software, firewalls and filters in the server for network security. iii. Implement the switch to VOIP in phases. iv. Update your end-user equipment and software.

4. System Testing:
A thorough system test and performance monitoring will be conducted in a development environment by the development team followed by a pilot operation in the ICT Services Department. This phase will include testing hardware, software, servers and the operating system.

5. Trainings
5.1. User Trainings:
User manuals will be developed for users to learn and use the system. Also, online interactive learning tools will be developed for the users and published in the staff intranet. HAFH staff can find the interactive training manuals in the intranet to get familiar with the system.

5.2. ICT Operations Team Training:
Training sessions will be held for ICT Operations team as a part of system handover. Training system will include troubleshooting techniques for the system as well as steps on assisting users in case of any system-related issues. Also, ICT Operations staff will be provided troubleshooting guides, and support policies and procedures manual via