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Treatment of Diabetes with Insulin Pump
Jenifer Bernhardt
Grand Canyon UniversityNRS-410v
March 3, 2013

Treatment of Diabetes with Insulin Pump In the treatment of diabetes that are available for patients to use, with the use of research there are new treatments that are being found. As a nurse caring for patients with diabetes it is important for education to be had so that when patients have questions we can help with information. Through the uses of evidence based practice new information is being discovered for patients frequently and there needs to resources for patients to find out this valuable information.
There are many different places that information can be gathered from and one such place is American Diabetes Association. American Diabetes Association has valuable information about the different types of diabetes there are. The different kinds of diabetes there is prediabetes, type one, type two and gestational diabetes. There is a lot of information on each kind of diabetes, but diabetes can develop at different stages in a persons’ life. The first kind of diabetes is prediabetes a stage that a patient go through where their blood sugars are high, but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. Second is type one diabetes this is where diabetes is diagnosed a child or young adult this is when the body does not make insulin for the body to convert sugar into the energy that the body needs. Third is type two diabetes this is why the body does make insulin it is not enough or the body is not using the insulin that is being make. This type of diabetes is the most common form of diabetes there is. The four and final form of diabetes is gestational diabetes this diabetes is developed during pregnancy this happens when the placenta releases a hormone and the mothers body does not use the insulin that is being formed. With diagnosis of diabetes there is also treatment that must happen there are different kinds of treatment that are available, but some of the kinds that are available are and insulin pump. An insulin pump is a device that can be used to give a patient a continuous amount of regular insulin over a period of time. While the dose can be increased this is set so that only a certain dose is given over period of time. Insulin pumps are an added value for patients with type one diabetes this is due to the fact that they can be used to supply insulin instead of patients having to stick themselves to given insulin. While with an insulin pump patients must stick themselves this is and one time stick that can last longer than having to stick yourself with each meal and prior to bed. F.M Alsaleh, F.J Smith, S. Keady and K.M.G. Taylor have valuable information on and insulin it is stated that an insulin pump can help provide near normal blood sugars and HgA1C, when a patient has these normal levels this help with slowing the progression of diabetes. The number of patients that are using and insulin pump have increase dramatically in 1993 the number of patients with pumps were 15,000 and now in 2000 the number is over 80,000 these numbers have been given by F.M Alsaleh, F.J Smith, S. Keady and K.M.G. Taylor. Insulin that use insulin pumps have a high expense at first, but most have a benefit from having in the long term from the pump. The initial cost that could not be cover is a pump prices can range from 4,790 to 5749 based on the brand and the safety settings there are. As pumps have improved with technology so have the safety settings that are