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Internal Search
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This paper is about companies recruiting and hiring using internal searches. I used the following reference: Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment, Arnold Anderson, 2013,

A company’s success hinges on making good decisions when hiring new employees. A method for hiring mid-level and upper-level positions within a company is by using internal search. Internal search offers more advantages than hiring from outside the company. Some of the advantages are high morale, cost savings, and quality candidates [2013].
Anytime employees know that with hard work their company will reward them with opportunities to advance their career. Companies that can cultivate this high morale, employees become more productive and take off less time from work making the company more successful. Also, employees with high morale will inadvertently provide positive public relations. Companies with high morale can attract the cream of the crop making them even more successful.
Cost Savings
A company that promotes from has cost savings from not only the cost of advertising the position outside of the company, but the cost it saves on hiring, orientation, and training of new employees. This cost saving, also, saves the human resource manager’s time by not having to screen the candidate’s applications/resumes and the departmental manager’s time to do initial interviews [2013]
Quality Candidates
An advantage of higher from within the company, there is less chance of hiring a quality candidate. Having observed the employee so the departmental manager can choose candidate’s that will be the best for the job. Knowing the employee’s work ethic allows the departmental manager has the insight that they would never have hiring off the street
Internal recruiting doesn’t come without its share of disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are competition among peers; unqualified personnel are hired because they are the department manager’s friend, and revitalization.
Having too much competition for positions within the company can be counterproductive. Employees that feel pressured to compete my not be able to handle the stress and will under-produce. Also, competition could create tension between employees. This competition could lower morale; especially, if one employee is hired over the other and they feel more qualified.
Unfortunately, this practice happens more than it should. Managers at all levels have friends. I’ve been fortunate to have a good team around me. After each new posting, I’d pull several service members with me. In the National Guard we have the ability to transfer units within the state. The team that I’d built was made up of my friends; however, the line never between personal and professional were never crossed. At each level I reached, the team followed. In this instance, other service members could’ve said I was showing