Internet and Ashford University Library Essay

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Critical Reflection
INF 103 Computer Literacy Michael Chu
September 24, 2012

Is email dead for teenagers? Explain
I think that email is dead or teenagers. I think most teenagers today use cell phones or texting instead. Texting has replace emails for some teenagers. Texting is easy and fast and you contact several friends at one time. Today, texting is popular form of communication for everyone, I think the only time teenagers use mails is when they want to get in contact with family and send pictures of loves ones. I think it is easier to use one of the social networking sites to post what you would want to say to someone, you don’t have to send several emails out to people. I truly believe that emails are no longer being used by teens. If it wasn’t from technology the world wouldn’t have access to write and share ideas. The internet is like a notebook with an infinite number of pages. Teenagers use their Ipads and cell phones when they want to check their email. Sometimes they even have alerts to notify them when they have an incoming message. My daughters is a teenager and have emails from facebook go straight to her cell phone

How is searching in a specific database, such as Ashford’s library, different from searching in Bing, Google, or yahoo?
The Ashford university online library is a database that can only be accessed by students and faculty. The Ashford university library provides scholarly and credible information. The Ashford university library catalogs indicate the bibliographic citation publication date. I think some internet sites may not tell you when the source was published or when was the website last updated. When I do my assignments sometimes I search the internet using search engine such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo. I really like to use Google; it’s easier for me to look up things that I am looking for. The internet was created for many purposes (to inform, sell, persuade, create and persuade create and present a view point). But I think the Ashford’s library