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Brandon Bordwine
Professor Ramey

Online Poker and Internet Gambling In this paper I will be discussing the issues of online poker and Gambling. The wire act was implemented in September of 2011 by the Federal Government and this made it illegal to transfer money online for the purpose of gambling. In 2007, the head of the FBI's Cyber Crime Fraud unit, Leslie Bryant, issued a stern warning to Americans: "You can go to Vegas. You can go to Atlantic City. You can go to a racetrack. You can go to those places and gamble legally. But don't do it online. It's against the law." (POKER FACE Business Source Complete). Four years later, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed indictments against the online poker
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These sites are considered small and average about 2,000 in traffic on a daily basis. These makes the games tougher and harder to make money on a regular basis. PokerStars hired pricey, big-name lobbyists, including a, former Democratic House majority leader Richard Gephardt and just finalized a deal on August 1 to be acquired known Amaya Gaming Group, based in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, for $4.9 billion. The transaction has created the largest gaming company in the world and wants to make online gambling in the U.S. their top priority. States looking at legalizing online gambling include Illinois, New York, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Louisiana, California and Massachusetts.
The Poker Players Alliance is an American nonprofit Interest group formed to emphasize the rights of poker players, and to protect the player’s liberties. The PPA formed to serve as an advocacy group to Washington to establish rights and protections for U.S. poker players. Within the first year of its existence, the PPA garnered over 600,000 members. In April 2008, the PPA claimed to have signed up its one millionth member. Membership growth has been due to promotional activities by online poker cardrooms like Party Poker. I am a part of this group and I am hoping that out efforts pay off and eventually lift the ban. Both Democrats and Republicans have received political donations from the gaming industry, including Obama, who received more than $1.7 million in reported