Essay on Internet Governance

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define internet gov. why is IG important? rival visons and CONTROVERSY
In an age of globalisation...Internet is rapidly growing so now more then ever there is a higher demand for information. Ig plays a huge role in ensuring that the internet is fuctional, but one question would be who should manage the essential backbone and architeture of the internet in particular the dns, particularly gtld and the allocation of the ip address this are all fundamental needs if the internet is to function effectively this is done by ICANN the ig IS comIng under increasing coceptual, political, and technological pressure from growth of the internet in other to reduce conflict the UN has decided to have meeting and conferences bringing in delegates round a table to talk and some of the rival visions which have imerged from these meetings are power the technicalites of internet governance provokes a wider concerns over political, cultural and ramifications, concerns that are reflected in the debates ov weather the internet should be governed through genuly international structures with distinct legal personality under international law or weather the leagal roots should remain embeded in the fertile soil from where it was first cultivated in the domestic jurisdiction of the USA most people Everybody already agrees that governments are sovereign within their own territories but Who exactly benefits (and who is harmed) when national governments harmonize their national laws concerning the Internet if the power where to shift to the goverment so this could be controversal as many of these countries are engaged in “monitoring, filtering, censoring and criminalising free speech online.” It seems that the most reasonable hypothesis is that countries like Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, Iraq, and Sudan would benefit from a “national Internet