Internment of Japanese-Canadians during WWII Essay

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Internment of japanese canadians

Internment of japanese Canadians is a very controversial topic in history. Internment started as the war against japan intensified, with the rising fear that Canada’s west coast might be attacked. It could be argued that if the govern ent did not make the decision to relocate the Japanese, there could be social unrest. The serious anti-Japanese sentiment among the public developed because people thought they might be spying for the Japanese government or support Japanese invasion made it likely for the public to go on rampages on the street, or harass japanese Canadians. Therefore, besides appeasing reassuring the public of their safety, the internment of japanese Canadians also had the purpose of protecting the japanese population in Canada. Also, even one disloyal japanese could have leaked out important information to the japanese army. Considering how the war was progressing and paranoia among the public, it was too big of a risk for the Canadian government to take, and internment was necessary to ensure the safety of Canadian citizens. Although the internment of japanese Canadians was technically legal under the war measures act, the policy could also be seen as immoral and illogical. There was sufficient proof, and both the RCMP and the federal government did not believe that Japanese Canadians were not a security risk. Public views were questionable as they only heard what was reported in the media. Furthermore, those who were put in