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Urban Phillips Intro to Sociology Ms. Johnson 9:30 – 10:45
In my opinion, it is not acceptable for teachers to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. There are people in law enforcement that are especially trained to handle a situation if a concealed weapon is in fact necessary. A teacher’s primary goal is to teach students. If there is just cause for a teacher to have to bear arms, other agencies should be involve. It should not be solely up to teacher to protect these students. I feel that if a teacher should have a concealed weapon why can’t the students have one to protect themselves. Another problem is what’s going to happen if the teacher use the concealed weapon on a student just because they have an anger problem or there trying to threatened the student. Then I also thought about my little brother he is a sneaky individual and he likes to roam around and likes to play with things that’s not his I could only imagine if one day he found the gun and started playing with it and shot himself or another student. If the state approved a law for teachers to have concealed weapons I feel that the teachers would have through a special class to help with different scenarios and they would have to have a serious back ground check with no kind of flaws. Another reason is that school isn’t a place to take combat at it should be about your education I understand that shootings happen at different school but this doesn’t give us the right to pass a law to allow teachers to