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What is Sociology?
Sociology is the study of society. Sociology applies to our everyday lives. There are hidden markers in society that tells us who we are and how we interact with others.
It is the study of human behavior, collective action, interaction and the consequences of actions and interactions.
Sociology is about pulling back the curtain to expose what is going on. It also help de-familiarize things.
It is a particular way of studying the world.
It’s the Systematic study of social behaviors in human societies
What do sociologists study?
Sociologists study everything and anything i.e.: movies, music, food, medicine, and wrestling.
Course outline
Part A
How to become members of society.

Part B Social inequalities
Social class
Global inequality
Gender relations and inequalities
Race and ethnicity.

Why is sociology important?
Helps us understand ourselves, our relationships, and our world.

Goals of this course
Present an overview of sociological thinking
Challenge us to see the world in a different way.

Good of sociology in the world.
Help us to think critically
Help us to be independent

Class 2:
Terms to know:
Sociological perspective
Common sense
Critical thinking
Sociological imagination
C. Wright Mills

Foundations of sociology:
3 elements of sociology
A systematic study of social life
A variety of concepts, theories, and research method
The body of knowledge