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Intro 1: Risk Management
Risk management is very essential in sports programs. This is a good way to prevent any unforeseen accidents and common injuries. Good risk management will incorporate the DIM process. The DIM process has 3 simple steps. They are to develop the risk management plan, implement the risk management plan and lastly, to manage the risk management plan. The purpose of this process is to be proactive not reactive. In other words, it to keep a positive environment and prevent negative incidents from happening at all cost. Within good risk management managers have to deal with insurance and legal issues in a sport. The most common insurance used is personal liability and property insurance. Personal liability comes into play when an individual is injured because a facility manager is slacking on the job. To avoid personal liability managers can educate their employees on how to handle a situation accurately or how to perform under pressure. Property insurance comes in handy with property damage due to theft, vandalism and acts of God. There are levels of risks that managers have to be on their toes about. Catastrophic, critical, moderate, and low levels of severity are the levels. Also, managers have to plan incidents that are typically high, medium or low in frequency to occur in area. Risk managers have to always consider some important components to risk identification. Managers should have standard operational procedures, have a well trained staff,