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Introducing….Social Development: EARLY RELATIONSHIPS Attachment = ‘a long enduring, emotionally meaningful tie to a particular individual’
Monotropy = infants have an innate need to attach to one figure.
Privation = never having had a secure and loving relationship with an attachment figure.
Deprivation=having a secure relationship with an attachment figure and then losing it.

1) What do you think is the role of caregiver-infant interactions in the development of attachment?

2) What kind of studies do you think psychologists would do on humans to investigate attachment?

3) What kinds of studies do you think psychologists would do on animals to investigate attachment?

4) Criticize animal studies.

5) What do you think is the function of attachment?

6) If a child was securely attached to his/her mother, if the mother left the room what do the think the child would do?

7) If the mother returned what do you think a securely attached child would do?

8) How would a securely attached child act with a stranger?

9)What do you think the short term and long-term consequences of privation are?

10)What do you think the short-term and long-term consequences of deprivation are?

Social Development: later relationships intro
What do you think ‘friendship’ means?

How do you think your ideas of friendship have changed as you have grown up?

What sex differences do you think there are in children’s friendships?

How many best friends do you have?
How many best friends have you had in the past?
How long have you been friends with your closest same-sex friend?
Do you hold hands with your friends?
Do you write