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DB 2: Introduction to Word
The website provided produced some valuable information that can be used in everyday life, as well as in specified areas. I did not know that a template could be created from a document. You can easily save your document as a Word Template or as a Word Macro-Enabled Template. I can use this feature when I am ready to design my e-commerce website template.

I have other documents from older versions of Word and they can also be transformed into templates. All I have to do is move the older version documents to the Custom Office folder with the fix tool provided by Word 2013.When I am on-the-go, I can retrieve my documents through SkyDrive, SharePoint, or with my handheld Android Tablet. Sky Drive and SharePoint are programs that store your documents so that they can be retrieved at a later date from any computer, device, or location.

I can edit, share, and collaborate from my tablet using the instructions from the Office 2013 Touch Guide. I can zoom in and out, on my tablet by spreading two fingers apart or pinching them together. You can scroll up and down the page you are viewing by moving your finger up or down on the screen, and you can also move shapes and objects with the touch of a finger as well. There were so many things that I never knew you could do with MS Word, I am glad I had this assignment because I would have never known the features and benefits that MS Word offers.


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