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The black man is the white man’s dancing puppet. The invisible strings are pulled, intoxicating the black man with the white man’s poison, weaving shadows in the black man’s mind. The crowd laughs. What wicked entertainment –for the white man’s beauty becomes the black man’s beauty, and the white man’s burden becomes the brown man’s burden, and the white man’s word become the black man’s reality. And therefore, the white man thieves the black man of his identity, changes it into an unrecognizable entity which is then returned with a false benevolence to the robbed. In this way, the black man's identity, will, and culture, are all reduced to figments of imagination, redefined with a shallow copy of the beauty they once held, so that the black man remains entrenched in bottomless pit of oblivion. And some, as they are unable to escape their own prison they have created, continue to play the white man’s game, and continue to unknowingly be played by the white man themselves. And thus, this man feels trapped in a state of nonexistence, trapped longing for freedom, trapped because, despite it all, it was he himself who had forged the chains of his own suspension. And yet, this definition is not my own; it is a reflection of experiences and events of others. For thoughts, as Rene Descartes said, constitutes being, as he stated , “Cognito Ergo Sum” or “I think, therefore I am”. But how can we define our own existence when we are brought up in a world where thoughts are reflected off others? Contagious almost. Descartes proved that thoughts cannot exist without a thinker, and this is true, but we must question ourselves does thinking the thoughts of others define our own existence? Because, there is something much more to the world than colliding pieces masses and forces, the objective perspective, and that is sentient beings. To be sentient is to be limited on reality, for the truth is intangible and thus we define ourselves and others to create unity, to create society. Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is no different. He represents an archetype, for those inferior to the white man’s thoughts, the white man’s definitions, and the white man’s system. Invisible man lives in a world where superiority is defined, that as long as recognizes the white man as superior, he can succeed. And thus, the irony presents itself, to submit to the thoughts of others, the white man and the white-controlled system, how can he ever succeed in his timeless loyalty and ignorance. Ellison reveals a philosophical truth, that society has cloaked an entire race, an entire nation, and entire culture, submerged under white superiority and prejudice, to smother the fire with the cloak of invisibility, as we turn away from the truth. How can white superiority ever atone for the sins, the stripping of identity , to enslave another group merely because of a different pigmentation the sun reflects, or a different cultural lifestyle? Because