Iom Report and Future of Nursing Essay

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IOM report and future of Nursing
Sunu Saju
Grand Canyon University NRS 430V

April 07, 2013

IOM report and future of Nursing
IOM (Institute of Medicine), in partnership with RWJF (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), developed the report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing health on October 5, 2010.This detailed study focus on the significant connection between the health needs of various, varying populations and the actions of the nursing staff. The health care delivery system and nursing profession consider this report as a framework for transformation. The changes in health care system and nursing workforce are directed to health care researchers, payers, national, state and local government leaders, professionals
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The nursing career must produce leaders all over the health care structure, from the bedside to the boardroom. Nurses are obligated to be leaders in designing, implementing, evaluating and advocating for, the continuing transformation of the system as needed. Competencies and leadership skills will help the nurses to function as full partners with other health care professionals and physicians to reform and redesign the work throughout the health care organization. Leaders should decode new research results to the performance settings and into education of nurses and from education of nurses to policy and practice ("Institute of Medicine," 2011, p. 221-222). Besides leadership nurses are responsible for recognizing the problem, searching the solutions and dedicated to promoting health for the community.
The execution of evidence-based practice is very important in current nursing environment for a better practice and introduction of new technologies. The use of technology, partnership and collaboration will help the bedside nurse to keep their practice current as well as to deliver superior nursing care to patients, family and community. Nurses should develop a culture of analysis and changes in practice based on research and apply latest principles that are based on most recent evidence. This will guarantee the future of nurses and also help to achieve a better education level for nurses practicing at the bedside.