Iphone Persuasive Research Paper

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iPhone – The terrorists’ weapon of choice. At least according to Time Magazine. ‘Fourteen killed and twenty-two injured, as Apple denies the FBI a crucial tool’. Apple, a multibillion dollar company, denying the Federal Bureau of Investigation assistance in a federal terrorism investigation? Surely this can’t be true. Why doesn’t Apple have our best interests at heart? Regardless of what is seems on the surface, we do. We are appalled and outraged by the malicious and lethal act of terrorism committed in San Bernardino last December. We mourn the tragic loss of life, and wish justice for all those affected. We have collaborated with the FBI to support our government’s efforts to resolve this terrible crime. However, the FBI have requested that …show more content…
The ramifications of this action reach well beyond simply catching terrorists. They have asked us to build a dangerous weapon. They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone. Building a ‘backdoor’ to deliberately undermine the security of our products will set a dangerous precedent, putting millions of devices and people at risk of data theft and other crimes. This is a tool we do not have, a tool we are opposed to making, and a tool we consider too dangerous to ever create.

As most of you are aware, my name is Craig Federighi, and as Vice President of software engineering at Apple, there is nothing more important to me than the safety and security of our products and customers. I became an engineer because I believe in the potential of technology to
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Every single one of you. Smartphones have penetrated the essence of our lives. Our phones are so much more than just a personal device. So much more. They are our personal safes, a bank of our most private data, sealed securely from the outside world. Our private messages, calendars, contacts, financial information, passwords, and even our location, are sealed in that safe. That’s a lot of personal information. All of that information must be protected from hackers and criminals who seek to access it, steal it, and abuse it without our consent. That’s why our team strives endlessly to remain one step ahead of criminals who seek to pry into your personal data. Of course, despite our efforts, our operating systems are not perfect. Our engineers code millions of lines of software, with even the very best prone to making mistakes. A mistake can become a critical flaw, something for attackers to exploit; one cell susceptible to disease in an entire body. Addressing and solving these problems are part of our duty to keep customers safe. Hindering that mission in any way is one giant leap in the wrong direction. That’s why it’s so disappointing that the FBI and the Department of Justice are pressuring us to accept that the security standards of iOS 7 are simply good enough. Security standards made back in 2013. These security standards, whilst revolutionary at the time, have since been breached by hackers. Sadly, these threats continue to