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Exam 1

Day 2
Sept. 3, 2013
Which ads are good? Bad?
Mini Cooper Ad (bad)
Porche (good) people can afford porche
Hieneken Beer (excellent)
Fiat (okay?)
Godiva (bad?)



Advertising is everywhere, surrounds us
b. Most people in US like advertising
i. Helps them with product information ii. Supports Media they use (won’t have cable without advertising) iii. Advertising can be fun
What is advertising?

b. “Advertising is the communications process of using paid media to reach a selected audience
c. It’s a working definition
i. A communications Process/ Identified source ii. Using Paid Media iii. To reach a Selected Audience iv. With a persuasive message
d. Advertising is a process that involves:
i. Marketer ii. Audience iii. Message iv. Objective


What Advertising ISN’T content (lines are blurry tho)

b. Its not Public Relations or Publicity
i. PR: practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics with the goal of positive exposure ii. Publicity: marketers supplying information to media
c. Its not Sales Promotion:
i. short term programs designed to get consumers to buy product. ii. Advertising can carry sales promotion but that’s not what it is
d. Its not Direct/ Database Marketing
i. Distribution channel of marketing direct to end-users using and database to eliminate intermediaries ii. This can be a a part of advertising tho
Integrated Brand Communications
a. Combines communications tools of advertising, PR, publicity, sales promotion, packaging & direct marketing for maximum impact
i. Advertising tries to control all of this to relay one CONSISTENT message

Classifying the Ads you see
BY GEOGRAPHIC AREA (Austin Area Dallas etc.)
BY PRODUCT SERVICE CATEGORY (beer, software etc.)
BY OBJECTIVE, (thinks its most important) (what is the purpose of the ad?)
i. Consumer Adv.
a. Brand Adv. - Preference for product
b. Direct Response/ Interactive/ Social Media Advertising - direct immediate response. (Ex: Side bar on google when you search, side bar on fb click on it, direct response)
c. Combining Brand response - relationship
d. Ad examples, colour like no other Bravia, Sony
e. Herding cats, Eds solved ii. Business and trade Adv.
1. B2B – designed to reach and motivate business buyers, whether they’re acting as agents or in business themselves
b. Competing ad, consumer research
2. Trade – designed solely to motivate intermediaries
a. Convenience store fixtures iii. Retail local adv.
1. Drin to sell you something
a. Example Map to Nike store using texture of basketball
b. Example “For Eyes” local store, family psychiatry ad locallyaw consumers from local trading area into business that serves the public. Get you iv. Corporate or “institutional”
1. Designed to convey a favorable impression of an organization’s policies, products, add overall corporate health to its various publics

a. Example, got milk drinking milk in general. Honda corporate commercial, curiosity Honda really cool
v. Non-Commercial
1. Advertising run by politicians, charitable and non-profit organizations and advocated of causes or to win support from their publics
2. Political Advertising
a. Commercial for Lyndon B Johnson, bombing
3. Public Service Advertising
4. Cause/ Advocacy Advertising
a. Example, ad for art museum, Thyroid cancer campaign, excise taxes on tobacco, Adopt a pet (super cool police officer) ad for abused children.
Watch what child is watching, examine yourself for breast cancer, male cancer awareness VII.
The Integrated Brand Communications Process
a. IBC Campaign – a coordinated advertising PR effort that uses different messages/ media to reach a marketers different audiences under a common theme
i. Advertising PR Industry ii. New Global Audience iii. Planning Ad PR Campaigns
b. Advertising/PR Business
i. Advertisers - marketers that pay for the media time and space to reach consumers with their